The NFL Concussion Epidemic


An Advanced Data Visualization, this was a study on the impact of concussions sustained from playing football and their direct relationship to ones physical and mental health. Everything from concussions per position to areas of the brain effected are studied. Scroll down for further projects.

Digital Development

High Fidelity - 11x17 Informative Poster

As you can see, it doesn't pay off to be a defensive back, nor wide receiver, or really ANY of these positions. The goal is to give players a quick visual reminder of how damaging their job is to their lives, and in time those immediately around them. An example of use in a locker room is shown last.

The Rise of Logic Pro X


Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) comparisons from 2006, 2009, and 2013 provide the consumer vital information for purchase. Logic Pro X appears the obvious choice, though personal preference often supersedes. Apple is to thank for the growing success of Logic Pro X, as they bought it in 2002.


High Fidelity - 4 Page Magazine Spread

In the past 10 years, Logic Pro has made a huge leap from one of the pack to the leader. These 4 pages tell the story visually with a brief introduction.